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July 7, 2016

1.One to One Coaching

Coaching is a key aspect of enabling individuals to attain higher personal and business performance goals. It is about helping to release a person’s potential and enabling them to set and achieve higher attainable goals. A line manager can be a great coach and arguably should be a great coach but sometimes historical facts or pre-conceptions of how a person will respond inhibit a progressive coaching conversation. Equally both parties need to create the necessary time and environment to enable a beneficial coaching conversation to occur and in the normal working day such opportunities can be limited.

There are many coaching models e.g. G.R.O.W (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) however my approach is a relatively straightforward and pragmatic approach that I have used externally this year. My background enables a deep and grounded conversation within the framework of Sales. I work directly with an individual and help them to build their self-awareness and take greater responsibility for issues confronting them by getting them to answer four simple questions for each coaching situation they raise. Ideally I prefer to work on the real issues confronting them but it can also be centred on personal development goals too.

What is the current situation facing them and how might a better or desired outcome be characterized?

What options does the individual believe are available to them to reach the desired outcome and do these options need to be further developed or refined?

After they select the best option, through discussion and simulating relevant future conversations that might occur during implementation, help the person to envisage how they might deliverer it most effectively?

What does the individual believe the next steps are to achieving their goal and do these steps hold up to robust challenge or do they still require further refinement?

At the next meeting the outcome/s can then be discussed and key findings explored made before moving onto a new area.

I do not need to deeply understand the business or become involved in building the solution to effectively coach a person. My primary role is to work with the individual to enable them to use their ability and potential to create a thorough understanding of the situation, their available options and future action plan. By doing this the person feels supported but not directed, thereby enabling a greater retention of the skills to be used by them in the future.

In a two-hour conversation I believe that 2 or 3 situations can be fully explored with the depth, necessary, for the individual to leave feeling better prepared and confident to take the next steps.

2.Coaching Support (Short-term assignment)

One 3-hour initial meeting to include Introductions and full coaching session

Three 2-hour face to face coaching sessions spread over 9 weeks.

One 2-hour face to face final meeting and review.

Up to four additional one-hour telephone calls would be provided across the program subject to the coachee’s need.

All discussions are confidential and feedback is only provided by the coachee. In addition, one pre-scope meeting or telephone call of thirty minutes with their line manager to understand better the individual and desired outcomes.                            Total program duration 12-15 weeks.



£3000 including all travel within 20-mile radius of Heathrow airport. Any travel further than 20 miles is based on 45p rate per mile from RH14 0TP.

75% due on contract and 25% on completion. Net 45 days.

If two coaching assignments are simultaneously contracted a 10% discount will apply 


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