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Primary Pinnacle Sales Consultancy services.

European market entry solutions

S.F.O.Sales Force Optimzsation

S.F.E Sales Force Effectiveness 

Sales Strategy development

Channel strategy

Key account management

Commercial support to CRM

Customer Management

Talent Mentoring and Coaching 

Interview support

Interim Management

Price Increase strategy

Gross to Net management

1: Today’s Commercial environment requires the regular assessment of a Sales Organisation’s capability and effectiveness to ensure it is continuing to develop, adapt and maintaining Competitive Advantage.

2: We will deliver value creating benefits that may challenge the Sales functions Status Quo but will always be fully implementable. 

3: Our proven Platform, led at all times by functional experts, will enable a review to be completed with minimal disruption but maximum output. 

4: We are able to complete both SFO and SFE projects and we offer a modular approach to designing a project. This means that it can be achieved without putting at risk short term performance and priorities. 

5: We understand the challenge of budget constraints for both larger and smaller companies and we will always try to build with you,an affordable and high quality solution.

6:Through our partner network we are able to offer access to a broad range of highly skilled experts from the HR ,Financial and Marketing which means you can access the benefits of a larger organization without bearing the same costs.

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